Specific activities in relation with Trade Register Office
Debt collection and recovery
Corporate consultancy
Due dilligence

Specific activities in relation with Trade Register Office

  • Setting-up companies
  • Setting-up authorized natural persons
  • Setting-up individual enterprises
  • Setting-up family enterprises
  • Drawing up, modifications of acts of incorporation and additional documents
  • Companies partitions, mergers, acquisitions
  • Social parts or shares assignment
  • Modification of the company's registered office, establishment or radiation of company's work centers
  • Increase, decrease of authorised capital
  • Modifications related to the company's object of activity
  • Re-encoding the company's objects of activity
  • Modification of the company's name or the economic entity's name
  • Appointment, revocation of the administrators or management bodies
  • Suspension or resumption of the company's activity
  • Dissolution, radiation of companies or economic entities

Debt collection and recovery

  • Consultancy regarding the determination of the most efficient methods for the claims' collection and recovery
  • Presentation of the legal possibilities and of the costs related to the necessary actions in order to cash in and recover the claims
  • Notification of the bad debtors in order for them to pay the debts
  • Assistance in mediation procedure
  • Consultancy and assistance for the creditors in their relation with the designated nominee or ad-hoc mandatory named in the arrangement procedure or ad-hoc mandate procedure
  • Consultancy and assistance for the creditors in their relation with the designated liquidators in the voluntary liquidation proceedings
  • Starting of the coercive procedures of claims' recovery (collection letter, lawsuit claims, foreclosures, requests to open insolvency proceedings, penal complaints, etc.)
  • Preparation and filing of requests to open insolvency proceedings
  • Advice on the opportunity and costs of declaring claims in insolvency procedure
  • Preparation and filing of the declaration of claims in insolvency procedure
  • Monitoring the debts' recovery and collection procedure

Corporate consultancy

  • Complete auditing of the business from a legal, financial and fiscal point of view
  • Participating at discussions with the company's creditors, debtors or other parteners
  • Consultancy at the negotiation and conclusion of commercial agreements - participating at discussions, legal opinion, agreement drafting
  • Consultancy regarding drawing up requests to the public authorities and/or any other legal public or private persons
  • Consultancy in the procedure of revising the ongoing commercial agreements - verification and analysis of contractual provisions, legal opinion regarding the necessity of maintaining/canceling the agreements or modifying the contractual provisions
  • Consultancy regarding the legal regime of real estate assets, consulting the public registers, performing the land register formalities, etc.

Due dilligence

  • Research and analysis regarding two essentials aspects of a company or organization, done in preparation for some business transactions (acquisitions, merges, partitions, etc.):
    • - legal investigation
    • - financial and fiscal investigation
  • Research and analysis of the Romanian legal and fiscal system regarding the incorporation or the market entry of a company or organization and drawing the legal and fiscal framework which will govern activity


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